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Love donation activities

In enterprises, employees are the most valuable resource. Therefore, the company should not only pay attention to the work and life of its employees, but also care about their physical health. If an employee or their family member suffers from a major illness, the company will provide certain financial assistance.

Fund Committee

In order to better manage this welfare policy, the company has established a fund committee and centralized project approval, guidance, and supervision management. The personnel department shall understand and collect all fund application projects; The administrative department shall verify according to the system and report the fund payment amount; The finance department shall establish a dedicated fund account, which shall be used exclusively for fund collection, safekeeping, distribution, and annual audit work; At the same time, the project application amount shall be approved in accordance with the fund management system. The General Manager's Office is responsible for submitting project application materials and payment receipts to the General Manager for approval. This can ensure transparency and fairness in the use of funds.

In addition to providing financial assistance, the company will also provide certain assistance to employees who are troubled by illness or have serious illnesses in their immediate family.

This kind of assistance can be material support, as well as spiritual encouragement and comfort. Regardless of the form, it can make employees feel the company's care and support for them.

Great Love: Warm Heart Like a Tide

The beneficiaries of this donation include families from multiple companies treating serious illnesses. Among them, there are many family members with advanced cancer and severe illness. In the long-term rehabilitation treatment of patients' families, it is not only a healthy body that is dragged down, but also a family's overloaded financial expenses. In order to provide certain assistance to these families, Zhejiang Sensen organized this donation event based on reality.

The donation quota is as follows:; Painter Lei XX, joined on July 19, 2018; According to feedback, the mother has advanced cervical cancer; Organize Director Hu, Secretary Huang, and Director Wang to discuss and, according to the "Management Measures for Love Fund", recommend donating 5000 yuan to Love Fund.

Liu XX, born in Zhaotong, Yunnan, in Welding Class 1, started work on March 10, 2023 (old employee returns to the factory for the second time); According to feedback, the mother is suffering from advanced cancer;

After discussion with Director Hu, Secretary Huang, and Director Wang, it is recommended to donate 5000 yuan to the Love Fund in accordance with the "Management Measures for Love Fund".

I joined XX, an assembly department flanging engineer, from July 9, 2012. I am currently voluntarily resigning due to physical reasons (torn left lateral meniscus and other diseases). After consultation with Secretary Huang, Director Hu, and Director Wang, it has been determined that the employee has been in service for more than ten years and has performed well in all aspects. Therefore, it is planned to retire and offer a compensation of 3000 yuan.

Honorary Retirement Management Measures

The company's concern for employees is not only apparent, but in addition to this caring assistance activity, the company is currently drafting various management plans for employees, such as the Honorary Retirement Management Measures.

This management is aimed at fully utilizing the experience and role of veteran comrades in their work positions, implementing the Party's policies, and benefiting the management carried out by the majority of veteran comrades. As a company with a good social reputation and a sense of public responsibility, Sensen Company has always adhered to the public welfare concept of "giving back to society", actively invested in various public welfare undertakings, and achieved significant results. In the future, we will continue to adhere to this belief, carry out various forms of public welfare activities on a broader scale, and contribute our due strength to promoting social progress.