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ZHEJIANG SENSEN AUTO PARTS CO., LTD, established in 1985,  is a well-known shock absorber manufacturer for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

SENSEN offers original shock absorbers for OE market and high-quality shock absorbers and accessories for after-market, including electronic shock absorber, performance shock absorber and air springs.

SENSEN has two large manufacturing plants in China.One is in Rui'an city and the other is in Chuzhou, covering a total area of 333,333 square meters. We have 1300 employees including 100 engineers and technicians. The annual production capacity of SENSEN is more than 20 million pieces.

SENSEN  has CNAS -granted Experimental Center and provinicial-standard Technology R&D Center, which  are equipped with more than 90 testing machines. SENSEN owns over 60 industrial technology patents.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Vision

Corporate Value

Committed to industry technological progress and promoting industry prosperity and development
Connotation Explanation:
The progress of technological level is an important driving force for the rapid development of the industry, And the improvement of technological level is the industry An important core force in entering the international market. As a top domestic enterprise with nearly 40 years of history, Sensen has the ability and obligation to take a leading role in the industry against the backdrop of international economic development.
Looking ahead, Sensen will continue to promote the development and growth of the industry through continuous technological innovation, Consolidate the industry's technological level and make outstanding contributions to promoting the common prosperity and development of the industry.
A professional automotive shock absorber manufacturer with international influence
Connotation Interpretation:
By comprehensively deepening reforms, Striving to transform development methods, And constantly seizing opportunities Advance layout, Actively participate with a broader international perspective and deeper strategic vision A new development pattern of mutual promotion between domestic and international dual circulation.
Committed to improving control methods, Governance levels, Business portfolio, Product services, Technological innovation, Culture, And In terms of brand management, It has reached the level of world-class excellent enterprises, Established a good reputation and excellent reputation, And continuously improved Public awareness and favorability have become a model for Chinese enterprises to showcase their strength and image on the international stage.
Unity, Innovation, Struggle, Prosperity and Strength
Connotation Interpretation:
Unity- Concentrate efforts to achieve common ideals and combine
Innovation- Bold exploration for creating new models

Struggle- Strive hard to achieve strategic goals without fear of hardship
Prosperity and strength- Through unity, Innovation, And struggle, Ultimately achieve the prosperity, Development, And strength of the enterprise